About us

Island Stylin' is all about living life like it's a paradise. We want to help our islanders express themselves with tank tops and other island apparels by using images of our own island to share to the world.  Guam is way too beautiful not to share!

We are surrounded by so much positive energy in Guam. All our friends are doing something that are amazing and contributing to this world! We have friends who are senators, friends who made it to UFC, friends who are entrepreneurs and have their own successful businesses, friends who are amazing musicians that plays every night and tour the U.S., friends who make movies and the list goes on and on.  We are surrounded by people in Guam who puts the island on the map and the best part is that they are all humble and open arms to those who want a little piece of that success!  Maybe they all got it from the ancient Chamorro warrior spirit that passes on from generations to generations.  Maybe it's the beautiful beach and perfect weather that makes people happy and motivated.  Either way, we want to carry that energy and pass on that positive vibe. 

I spent most of my life designing shirts for others and now it's time for me to do it for my family.  So far it's only me and my fiancé running the show for island stylin' but we are hoping to grow our team and create a shop that all islanders can visit.

Please email us at islandstylinglife@gmail.com if you want to see a specific village or spot on the tank top or just to say hello.

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Myong and Kim :)